(Patent Pending)

​-The Metalhead™ (Patent Pending) is a tight, powerful and punchy humbucker that cuts through the mix in standard tuning and drop tuning.

-O Slug™ (Patent Pending) pole pieces are used in various lengths to clean up the mud on the low end and
retain the tonal clarity of your guitar. The pole pieces have a recessed radius top to follow the oscillation movements of the guitar strings. This is a new application to guitar pickups.

-The Neck pickup is balanced by design to solo with the Bridge pickup.

​-The tops of the bobbins have a brushed pattern for a sleek Metal look.

​Metalhead™ (Patent Pending) Specifications:

-Magnet: Alnico 8 Bar
-Resistance Targets:   Bridge 20.2Ω :
Neck 11.2Ω
-Pole Pieces:  O Slug™ (Patent Pending)
-Bobbin Colors: Brushed Black
-Coil Tapping: Yes
-String Spacing:  Bridge 53mm, 2-3/32” : Neck   50mm, 1-31/32“
-Wax Potting